The Foxhunter's Consignment Store is one of America's upscale equestrian clothing consignment shops and offers world-class service. The Foxhunter's Consignment Store carries a wide range of the finest European, Canadian  and American equestrian riding apparel, accessories, boots and more.

Shop for equestrian clothing from Tailored Sportsman, Pikeur, Dehner, RJ Classics, Grand Prix, Caldene, Der Dau, Vogel, Miku and many others.

Time to update your hunt clothes? No problem, consider consignment. We can sell your gently worn clothing for you. Learn more about how to consign your clothes with us today...more info-->

Be properly "turned out" at your next cub or formal hunt at half the price !

We also carry Hunter Ring apparel along with a new line of custom made Stock Ties ! 

Resale shopping is like a treasure hunt. Our prices are typically a fraction of the original price and incredible values can always be found . We offer our merchandise at the lowest possible price, so everyone can benefit !!

We keep our store up-to-date with new items being added daily

Please note there is usually only ONE of any given item unless OTHERWISE stated.  Please do not put items in your cart and leave them, as there is no guarantee that item will be available soon after.   If the item is not paid for it can be sold to someone else.

NEW FOR 2015 !!!! Hunt season will be here in just a few months!
Custom stock ties are now available AND imported English Tattersall material is now available!

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