Riding Apparel sizing is NOT universal.

The above sizing chart is to be used for breeches. Please note that German breeches do not say LONG, but the size will be  from 72-96 for the long length , where as their regular lengths are sized 34-48. Almost all German made breeches will have USA size tags included.

German breeches will fit the slimmer body form, especially those with slim legs and knees. 
American made breeches will fit a fuller leg

English brand breeches seem to come shorter in the legs, wider in the thighs and shorter in crotch to waist rise

Many  have found that they must go up one or two sizes  for the 'side zip' breeches
Tailored Sportsman's tend to run small , please go up two sizes if buying the 2-way stretch, 1 size for the 4-way.
Ariat Breeches tend to run small, please up one size.
Cheaper cotton breeches WILL SHRINK, so if they are used, consider that they have been washed , go up one size if you fall in-between sizes.

It is our experience that riding coat sizing must be determined by measurements.
Grand Prix and Tailored Sportsman sizing runs about 2-3 sizes smaller then a true American street size.
RJ Classic riding coats  run TRUE to American street size but can and do vary between models and styles

We do get in a lot of Caldene jackets from Europe. The Caldene cubbing coats tend to run long in body length and there is no need to buy a Caldene in a LONG length. This is especially true for any of the older models. We have found that the Caldene runs a bit small thru the shoulders, so if you have wide shoulders, please go up a size.  Many of our Caldene jackets have no size tags, so please go by our measurements.

For most all brands of show shirts, please go up two sizes.  If you wear a size 34B bra, you will need a size 38 shirt. I have found this to be true almost across the board with shirts. A classic example:
Tailored Sportsman Coolmax show shirt. Tag reads size 8/38.  I wear a street size 8, I wear a size 34A bra but I need to buy a size 38 shirt.

Please have someone take your measurements while you are sitting in a chair. Please have on your breeches and socks and THEN take your measurements. Remember that most used boots have already 'dropped' in the ankle. I try to pull them up as much as possible but there won't be much drop occurring, so you can use the inside and outside height as a true height. All our boot measurements DO NOT INCLUDE THE HEEL. Please go by our measurements since most all boots we get are custom or semi-custom.